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Weed Control Services in Austin, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, & Nearby Areas of TX

Our weed control service will keep your lawn healthy and weed-free all year long.

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Weed Control in Austin, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, TX & Nearby Areas

Our weed control service offers year-long protection for your lawn.

Our year-long weed control program eradicates weeds from your lawn at every stage of growth through both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatments. Our weed control service targets many weeds that are commonly found in Texas such as nutsedge, dandelions, crabgrass, and many more!

These treatments are part of our lawn care program, which also includes fertilizer treatments that are spread out throughout the year. Together, our weed control and fertilizer treatments will ensure that your grass has everything it needs to withstand the changing seasons without having to battle weeds for essential resources.

We offer our services to homeowners in Austin, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, TX and throughout the surrounding areas. Give us a call today at (512) 786-1694 to sign up.

Our lawn care program schedule ensures that weeds are taken care of all year long.

Lawn care pro examining a weed in a lawn near Cedar Park, TX.

Our lawn care program is focused on killing weeds at every stage of growth throughout the year. We'll visit your property 8 times from January through December. During our first and last visits of the year, we'll apply both pre- and post-emergent weed control to prevent weed growth and eradicate any existing weeds. During the rest of our visits, we'll apply only post-emergent treatments to ensure that no weeds are actively growing on your lawn.

Additionally, this program includes regular fertilizer treatments. Depending on the season, we'll use different fertilizer blends to ensure your grass gets what it needs when it needs it. During the early spring, we focus on phosphorus to help the roots of your grass strengthen before the summer heat. Nitrogen is the focus in mid-spring to help your grass continue out of winter dormancy. A balanced fertilizer is used in late spring to keep your lawn healthy as the seasons transition. Nitrogen and potassium are used in the mid-summer months to shield your lawn from the summer heat and start preparing for fall. Our last fertilizer treatment of the year includes micronutrients to replenish the nutrients that were lost during the summer.

Our lawn care program was crafted to address the unique challenges that our lawns in Texas face. The result is a dense, healthy lawn.

Our weed control treatments address many weeds common in Texas.

Lawns in Texas face some unique challenges that lawns in other parts of the country do not. We have tailored our lawn care program to be the perfect solution to those unique problems. We know exactly what weeds are commonly seen in our area, and we made sure to use products that tackle any weed that you'll find on your lawn. There is a long list of weeds common to the Austin, Texas area. Some common weeds our treatments address include nutsedge, dandelions, dichondra, crabgrass, and poa annua.

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At Century Lawn and Landscape, we offer a lawn care program that is designed to keep your property free of weeds and well-nourished throughout the year. Between our pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments and our special blends of fertilizer, your lawn will be well taken care of all year long. We offer our lawn care program to homeowners in Austin, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Call (512) 786-1694 to sign up for our weed control and fertilizer treatments today!