Fire ants can be a big problem for homeowners in Texas. If they infest your property, you'll want to apply effective treatments to eliminate them. How long fire ant control treatments last varies depending on the type of product utilized. There are two main options to consider: liquid and granular treatments. While liquid treatments offer rapid results, their effectiveness tends to be shorter-lived compared to granular alternatives. Granular treatments, on the other hand, deliver lasting protection, although they do require about 4-6 weeks before manifesting results. When confronted with a fire ant infestation on your property, it's advisable to hire professionals for treatment administration. Professionals will use highly effective treatments to ensure long-lasting results while safeguarding you from potential fire ant bites.

Liquid fire ant control treatments provide short-term, fast results.

If you want to promptly eliminate fire ants from your property, liquid treatments are a great option. However, they are a short-term solution. This is because liquid products often yield quick results but don't last long. These treatments are applied directly to the mound, killing the fire ants as they come into contact with it. Yet, if the treatments don't reach the entire nest, they will fail to eradicate the entire colony, leading to the reappearance of an infestation later on. Therefore, in order to keep the fire ants under control when using these treatments, you will need to reapply them regularly, as new fire ant mounds appear.

Granular fire ant control treatments provide long-term results.

If you're looking for long-term protection from fire ants, granular treatments are the answer. Granular fire ant control treatments offer an effective solution for eradicating fire ant infestations and preventing new ones. This is due to their slow-release nature, which ensures extended effectiveness in managing fire ant populations. These treatments should be applied across your entire lawn and they function as bait. However, granular treatments typically take 4-6 weeks for visible results. This delay is necessary as ants progressively gather the bait, transporting it back to their nests. Upon entering the colony, the treatment achieves optimal results by eliminating the queen and the entire population.

Granular fire ant control treatments typically need to be watered in to be activated!

Always hire pros to administer fire ant control treatments.

A fire ant mound on a lawn in Austin, TX.

For safe and efficient removal of fire ants from your property, you should contact professionals to administer fire ant control treatments. Dealing with fire ants independently can be hazardous, as they react aggressively when disturbed, delivering many painful bites and stings. For this reason, it's best to leave the task to professionals. Professionals will also use treatments specifically proven effective against fire ants, ensuring prolonged protection. This approach offers peace of mind, as you can trust that the infestation will be thoroughly eradicated without exposing yourself to the risk of being bitten or stung.

Fire ants sense vibrations in the ground and will aggressively charge vertical surfaces to reach the threat and attack.

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