Mulching is an essential landscape maintenance task, as it keeps your landscape beds in Texas looking fresh and pristine. It should be replenished regularly because it eventually breaks down, and the layer becomes thin. For this exact reason, it's okay to leave old mulch when applying a new layer! Removing old mulch is unnecessary since it goes through a natural decomposition process and will release beneficial nutrients that can boost your plants' growth. However, you'll want to remove some old mulch if the entire layer, including the new one, will be more than 3 inches thick, to ensure it does not exceed that. To get the job done right, it's best to hire professionals, as they know how much mulch to use and will spread it evenly.

It's not necessary to remove the old mulch since it will break down eventually.

If you're planning to replenish the mulch in your landscape beds, you're likely wondering whether to remove the old layer or just spread the new one on top. It's not necessary to remove the old mulch from your landscape beds when applying a new layer. Mulch is organic matter that will break down and decompose eventually, which means you can get away with not removing the old layer.

What's more, the old mulch will release beneficial nutrients back into the soil as it decomposes. By removing it, your plants will miss out on an extra health boost. The new mulch layer that you will add will make your landscape beds look new and fresh again. It will also add another layer of protection for your plants from harsh conditions while the old mulch provides additional nourishment to them.

Make Sure Your Mulch Layer Does Not Exceed Three Inches Thick

When installing mulch in your landscape beds, it's important to remember that the layer should be thick enough for optimum results. Mulch should be 2-3 inches thick so it provides enough protection from extreme temperatures, effectively combats soil erosion, prevents weed growth, and retains moisture. If your ground cover will exceed this once you replenish your mulch, then you should remove some of the old layer to maintain the ideal thickness once you add the new one.

A layer of mulch that is too thick can be problematic for your plants. They can suffocate from the thickness of the ground cover and be unable to absorb the nutrients they need for growth. Meanwhile, a layer that is too thin will not provide the intended benefits of a mulch ground cover.

Hire professionals to ensure the installation of mulch is done right.

Landscape professional spreading new mulch on a landscape bed in Austin, TX.

Installing mulch in your landscape beds requires attention to detail and precision. The right amount of mulch should be used when replenishing your ground cover to attain the optimal thickness and spreading it should be done carefully. This is why you should hire professionals to install your mulch!

They will measure how much mulch is required to freshen up your landscape and will spread it evenly throughout. Professionals will also implement good practices like not installing the mulch too close to the base of your plants to prevent smothering them.

Make sure you replenish your mulch ground cover at least once a year!

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