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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you determine the pricing?

A: For Mowing, Weed Control and Fertilization, Aerifying, and Top Dressing the price is calculated by every 1,000 ft². Click here to see how we determine our prices.

Q: How do I request and receive an estimate?

Q: How often should I be mowing my lawn in this area?

A: If you water your lawn, and/or fertilize your lawn, we recommend mowing on a weekly basis during the growing season. This will thicken and improve the appearance of your lawn.

Q: What is considered the growing season?

A: The growing season in Central Texas starts in March and goes through November depending on the weather. December through February is considered the dormant months for the landscaping.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract for the services with Century?

A: No, Century does not require contracts for residential services. We set up a Service Agreement for your property based on the services accepted. This agreement requests at least a 24-hour notice of cancellation of service.

Q: If I have a question about my service, what do I do?

A: We recommend you contact our office or email us directly with your questions. We will address them as quickly as possible, communication is very important to us. Additionally, on your Service Agreement, you have a link to our Client Portal. This includes a digital request form that comes straight to our office.

Annual Agronomic Recommendations

  • Trim or cut back all deciduous plants
  • Tree trimming
  • Transplant large plants
  • Plant or transplant trees
  • Application of pre-emergent and fertilizer
  • Clean out gutters
  • Schedule your lawn maintenance for the season
  • Mulch planting beds
  • De-thatch or scalp turf in the first week of March
  • Aerify and top dress with nutrient rich soil/compost blend
  • Apply fire ant bait to entire property
  • Apply season long grub control product if needed
  • Schedule an estimate visit to spruce up your planting beds
  • Apply well balanced fertilizer
  • Aerify and top dress with nutrient rich soil/compost blend
  • Top dress with nutrient rich soil/compost blend
  • Apply fire ant bait to entire property
  • To reduce water usage apply wetting agent to turf
  • Aerify and top dress with nutrient rich soil/compost blend
  • Application of pre-emergent and fertilizer
  • Plant wildflower seeds
  • Mulch planting beds
  • Leaf pick up
  • Trim trees
  • Plant or transplant trees
  • Winter property clean up

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