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Crestview, TXLawn Care & Landscaping Services

We will keep your lawn and landscape in tip-top shape throughout the year.

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Professional Lawn Care & Landscaping Services for Homeowners in Crestview, TX

From fertilization and aeration to mulch installation, leaf removal, and more - we've got you covered.

Crestview is a neighborhood in Austin, TX, and offers a perfect location for blending the luxuries of quaint, suburban living with big-city amenities. There are plenty of good eats here, including Bamboo House Austin, Little Deli & Pizzeria, and The Backspace. You can also enjoy one of the many parks nearby, such as Brentwood Neighborhood Park and Wooten Neighborhood Park.

At Century Lawn and Landscape, we offer professional lawn care and landscaping services to homeowners in Crestview, TX. Our services are designed to keep your lawn and landscape in tip-top shape throughout the year, from fertilization and aeration to mulch installation, leaf removal, and more!

Our Lawn Care Services Include Fertilization, Aeration, Lawn Disease Control & More

If you want a lush, healthy lawn, then our lawn care services are what you need. We offer fertilization treatments to supply your grass with the nutrients it needs to stay at its best all year long. Our team will also apply pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent weeds from surfacing and eliminate any existing growth.

We offer liquid aeration from March until October, which involves applying our treatment to loosen compacted soil and make it easier for vital resources, such as sunlight, water, air, and nutrients, to reach the roots of your grass. Then, we can pair this service with top dressing; we'll apply a nutrient-rich compost atop your lawn to improve its overall health.

We can also tackle common fungal diseases in Crestview, TX, such as brown patch, gray leaf spot, and take-all patch via lawn disease control treatments. Additionally, turf insects like armyworms, chinch bugs, and grubs won't stand a chance against our lawn insect control treatments! Here are all the lawn care services we offer:

We offer a fire ant control service, where we'll apply our treatments three times a year to keep fire ants off your lawn.

Spruce Up Your Property With Our Landscaping Services

Nothing makes your property in Crestview, TX, look better than a pristine, well-maintained landscape. Fortunately, we provide all the landscaping services you need to ensure it stays that way! Our team can remove leaves from your yard to spruce it up, then combat weeds in your landscape beds via hand-pulling or post-emergent herbicides. We can also install a mulch ground cover to enhance their curb appeal and provide health benefits to your plants.

Your plants need routine care and maintenance to stay at their best, so we'll fertilize them three times a year to provide essential nutrients that bolster healthy, vibrant growth. We can also treat your shrubs as needed for diseases and insects. Additionally, we can routinely trim and prune them to make them more shapely and ensure any problem areas don't spread to the rest of the plant. Our full list of landscaping services is below:

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Here at Century Lawn and Landscape, we offer expert lawn care and landscaping services to residential properties in Crestview, TX. Whether you want to give your lawn everything it needs to thrive or spruce up your landscape, we have you covered. Call us today at (512) 786-1694 to sign up for any of our services.