Fertilizing in the spring is one of the best things you can do for your lawn. Spring fertilization replenishes the nutrients your lawn used in the winter, helps encourage stronger growth, and prepares your grass to withstand the heat in the summer months here in Texas. There are two times you should fertilize your lawn in the spring: once in April and once in June. The April treatment should be a granular fertilizer while the June treatment should be liquid. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of spring fertilization!

Why should you fertilize your lawn in the spring?

Vibrant grass blades in a lawn in Jollyville, TX.

There are several great benefits of fertilizing your lawn in the spring. As the cooler winter months come to an end, your grass will need some help coming out of winter dormancy. Grass stores up nutrients and uses them throughout the winter, so your lawn will need replenishment to come out of its dormant state and bounce back. Spring fertilization also encourages new growth, strengthens root systems, and improves your grass’ vibrant green color. As the weather starts to warm up, your grass is going to need some extra nutrients in order to strengthen it against adverse conditions that come with the heat, such as drought. Fertilizing in the spring will give your lawn the time it needs to prepare for the hotter months.

How often should you fertilize your lawn in the spring?

In the spring, you should fertilize your lawn twice. The first time you should fertilize your lawn is in April towards the beginning of the season. This replenishes your grass with the nutrients it used during the winter and helps your turf get into recovery mode so it’s able to green up and improve its health quickly.

The second time you should fertilize your lawn is in June towards the end of spring and before summer. At this point, you don't want to promote a large amount of growth right before the heat stress sets in on the lawn. Because of this, it is important that this treatment has a lower concentration of nitrogen.

Make sure to use granular fertilizer in April and liquid fertilizer in June.

Granular fertilizer pellets in a lawn in Austin, TX.

It’s best to use a granular fertilizer when you are fertilizing your lawn in April. Granular fertilizer is a slow-release formula that comes in little grains. The pellets get spread across your lawn and are activated either by water that helps break down the granules which will slowly release nutrients into the soil. Because it’s a slow-release fertilizer, your lawn will receive nutrients for an extended period of time and you won't shock your grass with all the nutrients at once when it is emerging from winter dormancy.

In June, you'll want to change directions and use a liquid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer is sprayed onto your lawn and starts working to get to the roots of the grass immediately. This will help your grass strengthen up quickly in preparation for the summer months.

Granular fertilizer will continuously feed your lawn for 6-8 weeks.

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