Fertilization is a crucial part of lawn care. Applying fertilizer to your lawn is how it gets the nutrients it needs, like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. The nutrients provided through fertilization help your turf grow strong roots, have a beautiful green color, and fight off diseases and weeds. However, your lawn needs different types of fertilizer throughout the year to help it endure different types of weather. Knowing which fertilizer treatment your lawn needs will help it stay strong and properly nourished.

When it comes to fertilizing your turf in Texas, you have a couple of options. Lawn fertilizer comes in liquid and granular forms. Liquid fertilizer will give your lawn an instant boost of nutrients while granular fertilizer will give your lawn a steady supply of nutrients over an extended period. Both of these options are great, and which one you should use will depend on the time of the year.

Granular fertilizer will provide your lawn with nutrients over an extended period of time.

Granular fertilizer pellets in a lawn in Austin, TX.

Granular fertilizer is a solid, dry fertilizer that usually comes in pellet form. When granular fertilizer is applied to your lawn, the pellets are sprinkled across the grass and then watered shortly after to release the nutrients contained in the pellets. Granular fertilizer provides long-lasting results by delivering a constant supply of nutrients to your lawn over an extended period of time. It's best to apply granular fertilizer to lawns that need nutrients but aren't undergoing a lot of stress or struggling to survive.

Liquid fertilizer delivers nutrients to your lawn quickly.

Liquid fertilizer is a quick way to give your lawn the nutrients it needs. Since liquid fertilizer is applied directly to your grass, the roots can start absorbing the nutrients immediately. Liquid fertilizer treatments are a great option for lawns that are struggling and need a quick boost of nutrients.

Is liquid or granular fertilizer better for your lawn?

Vibrant fertilized lawn in Bee Cave, TX.

Both liquid fertilizers and granular fertilizers are great options for your lawn! Since your lawn needs different amounts of certain nutrients at different times, both liquid and granular fertilizers are beneficial. Granular fertilizer should be applied to your lawn in the spring to provide your lawn with a constant supply of nutrients. Sprinkling the granules on your lawn during spring replenishes the nutrients it used during winter and helps prepare it for summer. Liquid fertilizer is best to use on your lawn in the summer because that's when your lawn needs an immediate supply of nutrients. Applying liquid fertilizer in the summer eases the stress of extreme heat on your grass.

So, which lawn fertilizer is best? The answer depends on what your lawn needs. The weather has a huge impact on your grass so it's important to consider the time of the year when scheduling a lawn fertilization treatment. Your turf benefits from both liquid fertilizer and granular fertilizer treatments. To give your lawn the care it needs, it's recommended to apply both liquid fertilizer and granular fertilizer treatments throughout the year.

Pairing lawn fertilization treatments with weed control treatments helps keep your lawn healthy all year!

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