The time of year has come for property owners in Texas – grubs are on the horizon! However, rather than accepting damaged turf and curative treatments as an inevitability, you can make your life much easier by scheduling preventative grub control. Grubs hatch from eggs in your soil and feast on the roots of your grass until they mature and emerge as beetles with an appetite for plants above ground. For preventative grub control to be effective, it should be applied around April to June when grubs are in their earliest life stages. If you skip the preventative treatment, you risk the chance of grubs hatching in your soil and damaging your turf, resulting in you needing to purchase curative treatments and lawn care to nurse your grass back to health. Preventative grub control will help you avoid these headaches so your lawn can thrive unhindered by grubs!

The Grub Life Cycle

Grubs found in client's lawn soil in Austin, TX.

To understand preventative grub control's effectiveness, it's important to understand the general life cycle of grubs. Adult beetles lay eggs deep in the soil which eventually hatch into the grubs we're all familiar with. These larvae, depending on their species, can feed in the soil for a year or more before they emerge! When fall temperatures arrive, grubs pause their feast and delve deeper into the soil to protect themselves from the cold, returning in spring to feed again once the weather warms up. Once they've matured, they'll emerge as beetles, munch on plant life, and lay eggs in the soil to start the cycle all over again.

Early symptoms of grub damage in a lawn include gradual thinning, yellowing, and scattered, irregular dead patches of grass.

When should preventative grub control be applied?

Because of the structure of a grub's life cycle, there's a small window of opportunity to catch them before they get rolling. In the Austin, TX area, July is typically when we start seeing signs of grub damage in our turf. By that time, the grubs have hatched and done enough damage to the roots of your grass to make an impact. Preventative grub control will minimize this potential damage, if not avoid it entirely, by eliminating the grubs before they hatch. This will break their life cycle and help prevent an ever-multiplying grub population from taking over your lawn. Preventative grub control should typically be applied from April to June to get ahead of grubs, with professional companies being able to time the application perfectly based on the weather and other environmental factors.

Skipping preventative grub control risks damage to the roots of your lawn.

Lawn pulling up from grub damage in Bee Cave, TX.

While it may seem tempting to put off action until you see an active issue, skipping preventative grub control is not wise. You'll risk grubs hatching in your soil and eating the roots of your grass, resulting in damaged and struggling turf. If this comes to pass, you'll not only need to purchase curative treatments but also lawn care like fertilization to nurse your lawn back to health. If you wait even longer until the cool temperatures of the fall, the grubs will have receded further into the soil for a brief dormancy and will not be able to be reached until the following spring! It's best to take preventative action and save yourself the headache of recovering from a grub infestation.

Let us protect your lawn from grubs. Call our team today to schedule your preventative grub control treatment!

At Century Lawn and Landscape, we are proud to stand between lawns and all the various challenges the year brings – including grubs! We offer thorough preventative grub control treatments to help protect lawns against the damage these insects deliver as well as curative treatments for any lawns currently struggling against grubs. Our team members are diligent in their application, ensuring that every section of the lawn is attended to. These services are available to property owners in Austin, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs and nearby cities in Texas. Call our office today at (512) 786-1694 to schedule your service!