Take-all patch is a fungal disease that typically becomes active in the late spring and summer and can be severely harmful to your turf if left untreated. It creates orange-colored circular patches of dead grass across your lawn. If you think it is infected with take-all patch, it's best to call your local lawn care professionals in Texas as soon as possible so they can administer a curative treatment and eliminate it. Once you've dealt with the disease, you should schedule lawn care services, like fertilization and aeration, to help your grass recover and grow back stronger and healthier than ever. Keep reading to learn more about take-all patch and what you should do if it appears on your lawn.

What is take-all patch, and what kind of damage can it cause?

A lawn infested with take-all-patch and in need of treatment in Rollingwood, TX.

Take-all patch is a lawn disease caused by a fungus that lives in the soil and affects the roots of your grass. This disease is usually active from around April to October, and it begins infecting grasses when the soil is wet and cool, usually in the early spring. Take-all patch causes grass to wilt, die, and eventually turn into an orange color that spreads across the lawn in patches. These patches can range from 8 to 24 inches in diameter and will eventually start to appear in clusters as the fungus continues to spread.

If your lawn is infected with take-all patch, schedule curative treatments to stop it from spreading.

Take-all patch can kill your entire lawn if left untreated, so it's crucial to be aware of the signs of this harmful fungal disease. If you notice that it's showing symptoms of a take-all patch infection, you should call your local lawn care professionals as soon as possible to schedule curative treatments. Pros will be equipped with highly effective fungicides that will eliminate this disease so it doesn't continue to cause damage to your turf, plus have the experience to apply it properly to ensure optimal results.

Some professional lawn care companies offer preventative treatments to keep take-all patch from infecting your lawn in the first place.

You should schedule lawn care services to help your turf recover from take-all patch.

If take-all patch damages your lawn, there are ways to help it bounce back. You can schedule lawn care services that will help your grass recover and grow green, strong, and healthy again. Some of these services include:

  • Fertilization: Fertilization treatments provide your turf with key nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, which will help it recover after take-all patch, along with encouraging strong root development and bolstering new, healthy growth.
  • Aeration: Aeration loosens up compacted soil and helps nutrients and resources, such as air, sunlight, and water, reach the roots of your grass. With improved access to everything it needs, it can rebuild its health and fortify its defenses against lawn diseases in the future.

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