Have you ever looked at your neighbor’s beautiful, green lawn and wondered what their secret was? Chances are they provided their grass with the nutrients it needs so it can thrive. Well, you can do the same for your lawn by scheduling a top dressing service. If you’re unaware, top dressing is a nutrient-rich compost applied across your lawn to enhance the quality of your soil. Of course, this service comes with many benefits. For example, the nutrients in the compost help your turf establish a deep root system, and these strong roots can strengthen your lawn and promote fast growth. You should aim to schedule a top dressing service during your lawn’s growing season, which in Texas means you can start scheduling this service in March! Continue reading to learn more about top dressing and how it can benefit your lawn!

What is top dressing?

Top-dressed lawn in Round Rock, TX.

Top dressing is a thin layer of nutrient-rich compost that is spread across the top of your lawn. The compost is typically a blend of different fertilizers designed to improve the overall health of your turf—especially parts of your turf that may be thinning and need extra attention. When administering top dressing on your property, it should be applied at a depth of 1/4-inch to 1/8-inch for maximum benefits. The top dressing can be shoveled onto your lawn manually, but some professional lawn care companies will use a dressing machine instead so they can apply the product evenly across your yard.

What are the main benefits of top dressing?

A vibrant green lawn due to top dressing in front of a home in Round Rock, TX.

Top dressing will improve the overall quality of your soil so that your turf can establish a deep and dense root system. These stronger roots will promote faster growth, help strengthen your lawn to deal with environmental stressors like heat, and will help your lawn recover if you have patches of grass that are struggling. Additionally, a top dressing service will enhance your soil with organic materials so it can retain moisture and promote microorganism colonies that will benefit your lawn. Before long, you can have a vibrant and lush lawn on your hands that’ll leave your neighbors green with envy!

Combine a top dressing service with aeration to allow the nutrients better access to the roots of your grass!

When should you schedule top dressing for lawns in Texas?

You should schedule a top dressing service while your grass is actively growing. In Texas, that’s anytime from March through October because this is when your grass will benefit the most from nutrient-rich compost spread across your lawn. Your turf will need those strong roots so that it can grow and green up during these months! Depending on the season, the amount of top dressing that should be applied may vary. You should schedule a top dressing service at least once per year. However, it's best to schedule this service multiple times throughout the year, so your lawn will truly reap the benefits of this service!

Ask your local lawn care company when you should schedule a top dressing service for your turf!

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