Texas has a reputation for its scorching summers, which can lead to the devastation of lawns due to drought and prolonged exposure to the sun and heat. However, applying Moisture Manager treatments offers a solution to help your lawn endure these intense summer conditions.

Moisture Manager is a professional root zone moisture management treatment specifically designed to assist lawns in surviving hot summers and otherwise dry climates, reducing the amount of water you need to provide. This innovative product facilitates water penetration into the soil and enhances moisture retention in the turf's root zone. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply this moisture treatment five times, starting in May and continuing through September.

Moisture Manager treatments will help your lawn survive the hot summer in Texas!

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Moisture Manager treatments are a cutting-edge solution designed to effectively control the moisture levels in the root zone of lawns, particularly in regions with hot summers or warm climates. Moisture Manager treatments harness the power of an advanced, non-damaging wetting agent to prevent hydrophobic soil conditions from developing, thus facilitating deep water penetration into the soil and bolstering moisture retention within the turf's root system. These capabilities are vital for nurturing the overall well-being and endurance of lawns, especially in Texas.

Moisture Manager is a professional lawn care application for managing root zone moisture.

What are the benefits of Moisture Manager treatments for your lawn?

Moisture Manager treatments offer a range of benefits for your turf. It is specifically formulated to address hydrophobic soil conditions, which can hinder water absorption and lead to localized dry spots in your lawn. By utilizing Moisture Manager, you can expect a significant reduction in water-repellent soil and dry patches, ultimately minimizing water loss due to runoff and excessive water retention.

Furthermore, the enhanced water penetration facilitated by the Moisture Manager assists with uniform water distribution, which in turn supports the healthy root zone of your grass. This not only promotes even moisture levels across your lawn but also maximizes the efficient use of rainwater and irrigation resources, contributing to the overall health and sustainability of your turf.

How often should Moisture Manager be applied to your lawn?

To keep your lawn healthy and green in Texas, it's recommended that you apply Moisture Manager treatments five times, once a month from May to September. This will help effectively manage moisture levels for your lawn and promote healthy growth throughout the growing season.

Moisture Manager treatments should be scheduled each growing season for the best long-term results for your lawn.

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Moisture Manager treatments are a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges of maintaining healthy lawns in hot climates while promoting responsible water usage. Its innovative approach to moisture management makes it an essential tool for sustainable and effective turf care, and it's available here at Century Lawn and Landscape! When you enroll in our turf Moisture Manager service, our team will visit your home once a month from May to September and apply this treatment to support your turf's hydration.

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