If you're looking to establish a new lawn from scratch on your property in Texas, you have two options to choose from: sod or seeds. But which option is better? Although these are both great options, installing sod on your property will be your best bet. That's because sod will give you a beautiful new lawn the same day it's installed, so you won't have to wait for months like you would if you used seeds. Also, sod requires less maintenance than seeds, and all you need to do is water it frequently until it establishes itself. Plus, when you choose sod, you'll be able to use your lawn like normal much quicker than if you were to use seeds for your new lawn. Continue reading to learn more about why sod is the better option when it comes to establishing a new lawn.

Sod will give you a beautiful lawn the same day it's installed.

Sod is often referred to as an "instant lawn" because it gives you a beautiful new lawn the same day that it's installed. Because sod is pre-grown grass that just needs to be installed on your property, you can benefit from the look of a gorgeous new lawn instantly. If you were to use grass seeds for your new lawn, you would have to wait a while for the seeds to grow and turn into a beautiful lawn.

You should wait at least 2 weeks after your sod was installed before you mow it for the first time to avoid damaging it!

Sod requires less maintenance than seeds do.

Homeowner watering new sod in Austin, TX.

Once sod is installed on your property, there is little maintenance that needs to be done. The two main things to remember with newly installed sod are to give it enough water and stay off it until it fully establishes itself. Just like you would do with any other lawn, new sod requires you to water it enough so that it can stay hydrated as it establishes its roots in the soil.

When it comes to the maintenance needs of grass seeds, you will need to water them much more often as they can take a while to grow. If you are looking for a new lawn option that will require less maintenance on your part, sod is the way to go!

You will be able to use your new lawn much quicker when you install sod.

A child walking on new sod in Bee Cave, TX.

Since sod is pre-grown grass that just needs time for the roots to establish in the soil, when you have sod installed on your property, you'll be able to use your lawn much quicker than if you use grass seed. After about a month, you can use your lawn as you normally would and enjoy your beautiful new lawn!

A newly seeded lawn can take a while for the seeds to fully establish and it is very delicate. You will probably need to let it sit for about three months or more before you can use it as you usually would. So, if using your new lawn as quickly as possible is important to you, then sod is definitely the better option for you!

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