Thanks to the warm climate here in Texas, we’re prone to have quite a few stubborn weeds pop up on our lawns throughout the year. To ensure that you keep your property free of weeds all year long, you should be using a combination of both pre- and post-emergent weed control. While pre-emergent weed control treatments will keep a lot of weeds from sprouting on your lawn, there are still some incredibly stubborn weeds that will manage to slip past the treatments and pop up. That’s when you’ll want to supplement the pre-emergent treatment with post-emergent weed control to catch any weeds that have sprouted. It’s best to reach out to a lawn care professional to apply these treatments because they will know the optimal time to apply both treatments throughout the year to get the best results.

Apply pre-emergent weed control to stay one step ahead of emerging weeds!

Professional applying pre-emergent weed control to client's lawn in Austin, TX.

Pre-emergent weed control needs to be applied while weed seedlings are still germinating but before they have the chance to sprout on your lawn. The pre-emergent herbicide creates a barrier that keeps weeds from breaking through the soil, so they will never see the light of day. Pre-emergent treatments are effective against the majority of weeds, and it makes weed control much easier for you in the long run. However, some stubborn ones will still manage to sneak through the pre-emergent treatment’s defenses, which is why you’ll also want to pair it with post-emergent treatments for comprehensive coverage!

Some common weeds to look out for in Texas are dandelions, dichondra, and crabgrass!

Post-emergent weed control will eliminate any existing weeds on your lawn.

White flowered weeds growing on a potential client's property in Lakeway, TX.

Post-emergent weed control works well at getting rid of any existing weeds that have already sprouted on your lawn. When it’s not paired with pre-emergent treatments though, you’re going to find yourself using it a lot to keep weeds off your lawn. Additionally, you’ll end up applying a lot more chemicals onto your grass when you resort to just treating your lawn with post-emergent treatments, which will end up negatively impacting the health of your lawn. That’s why you need to combine post-emergent treatments with pre-emergent treatments. Pre-emergents will do a lot of the heavy lifting on the front end to keep weeds from sprouting, then post-emergent will clean up the stragglers.

Call a professional lawn care company to apply both pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments.

The secret to maximizing the effectiveness of both of these treatments is knowing when to apply them. There are specific times during the year when certain weeds are active, and it’s important to know the optimal time to administer these treatments. That’s why you should hire a professional lawn care company! A professional lawn care company will know when to apply both pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments throughout the year for the best results. They’ll also utilize herbicides that are proven to be extremely effective against many of the common weeds in Texas.

Pair weed control treatments with professional lawn fertilization treatments to keep your lawn healthy and free of weeds year-round!

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