Your shrubs are an important part of your landscape, and they need to be properly cared for throughout the year to keep them looking their best. One of the most important things you can do to care for your shrubs is to fertilize them. Fertilizing your shrubs will keep them healthy and looking great by providing them with the nutrients they need. This allows them to grow strong! Shrubs in the Austin, TX area should be fertilized three times during the growing season each year. For your shrubs, this means the spring and summer months. Giving your shrubs enough nutrients at the right time is the key to keeping them strong and healthy! For best results, you should fertilize your shrubs using a combination of foliar spray and soil spray.

Fertilizer will provide your shrubs with the nutrients they need to thrive.

Graphic image of fertilizer components in Austin, TX.

Sometimes shrubs have trouble getting all the required nutrients they need to thrive - this is where fertilization comes in! To be their healthiest, shrubs need nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. These essential nutrients are referred to as NPK. Using a fertilizer blend that includes all three is recommended for optimum results. Fertilizers that contain these nutrients are great for all types of shrubs, large and small! Here's why your shrubs need NPK:

  • Nitrogen gives your shrubs their green color and helps them grow strong foliage.
  • Phosphorous strengthens your shrubs' root system, allowing them to use their energy to produce beautiful blooms.
  • Potassium helps your shrubs fight off diseases and promotes strong growth.

When should you fertilize your shrubs?

To ensure that your shrubs always have the nutrients that they need to thrive, you should fertilize them three times a year. Your shrubs need extra care in the warmer months to make sure they are growing strong and healthy. The best times to fertilize your shrubs are in March, June, and September. This is during their growing season. The first fertilizer treatment will prepare your shrubs for the summer heat, the second treatment will replenish their nutrients to help them endure summer, and the last fertilizer treatment will replenish their nutrients again to help them recover from the heat. Shrubs use up nutrients to endure stressors, so they need to be replenished frequently!

You should fertilize your shrubs using both foliar spray and soil spray.

Foliar spray sprayed over shrub by a professional in Dripping Springs, TX.

When it comes to fertilizing your shrubs, liquid fertilizer spray is the way to go. Just sprinkling some granules on the ground won't give your shrubs the best results. Granular fertilizers are a slow-release method of getting nutrients to your shrubs, but they want the nutrients now! Liquid fertilizer allows the nutrients to go straight to the roots where they will be absorbed quickly. Make sure your shrubs receive the nutrients they need fast with liquid foliar spray and soil spray.

  • Foliar spray is a liquid fertilizer that is sprayed onto the shrubs' leaves. This helps nutrients get absorbed quickly, encouraging growth.
  • Soil spray fertilizes the roots of the shrubs, helping them access the nutrients they need. Your shrubs will thank you for using a fast-acting liquid soil fertilizer to nourish them!

Shrub fertilization helps both evergreen and deciduous shrubs!

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