It's no secret that it gets hot in Texas. Proper irrigation is essential to keep your lawn and plants hydrated, especially during the summer months. Therefore, you'll want to make sure your irrigation system is always in peak condition by having it inspected thoroughly every quarter. Having your irrigation system checked quarterly is a great way to jump in front of any issues that arise and address them before they become larger, more expensive problems. When you get your system inspected for issues, you want to make sure whoever is checking it is meticulous and comprehensive with their work. There are a lot of components in an irrigation system, and you don't want anything to be overlooked that can potentially damage your system.

Your irrigation system should be checked quarterly to catch any issues.

Irrigation specialist adjusting sprinkler head in lawn in Buda, TX.

If you own an irrigation system, it will need to be checked regularly to make sure it's operating properly and efficiently. You want to avoid a situation where your irrigation system has stopped functioning, leaving your grass and plants potentially dehydrated while leaving you with a headache. This is why it's important to have quarterly check-ups on your irrigation system. You want to catch any issues that arise before they have the chance to escalate. Quarterly irrigation check-ups will not only keep your water flowing without interruptions, but they can potentially save you money because they reduce the chances of more expensive issues arising. Having to replace one component of your irrigation system is much better than replacing multiple components after an issue has spread. Think of each quarterly check-up as a method of preventative care, which could save you time and money in the long run.

What should be done during a quarterly irrigation check?

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Your irrigation system should be thoroughly inspected to catch any issues before they have the opportunity to balloon into larger ones. First off, the whole system needs to be checked for any old or broken parts. This is, unfortunately, bound to happen due to time and use. Parts will become worn out or broken. However, by having your irrigation system checked every quarter, you'll be able to catch those parts that need to be replaced beforehand and order their replacements before they have the chance to cause damage to your system as a whole. Your system should also be checked for any leaks. Addressing any potential leaks will ensure your water isn't being wasted each time your irrigation system is turned on. Make sure your spray patterns are also adjusted during each quarterly inspection. This is required because your sprinklers may fall out of adjustment after a while, and it will need to be corrected to keep your plants hydrated. Your watering schedule may need to be adjusted too, depending on the time of year. And finally, you'll want to make sure your valves are cleaned to keep your system from clogging.

In Texas, the best time to water your landscape is early in the morning or late in the evening because less water will evaporate. Set your system to run during these times!

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