Is your lawn here in Texas looking a little discolored and patchy? It's possible chinch bugs have invaded your property and started damaging your grass. But no need to panic! There are ways you can get rid of them and bring your grass back to life. Chinch bugs are little insects that like to suck the sap from grass. This ends up leaving lawns looking discolored or patchy as the grass dies off. If you think there are chinch bugs on your property, it's best to schedule curative chinch bug control treatments with your local lawn care company so that they stop damaging your turf. Once they're gone, you can schedule lawn care services like fertilization and aeration to bring your turf back to life. Keep reading to learn more about chinch bugs and what you should do if they invade your turf.

What are chinch bugs and what kind of damage can they cause?

Chinch bug found crawling around in a lawn in Brushy Creek, TX.

Chinch bugs are common turfgrass pests that are often found in the southern United States. They enjoy grass types like St. Augustine, zoysia, bermudagrass, and centipede, which are very common here in Texas. Adult chinch bugs are usually black with white wings that can either be long or short. Chinch bugs suck sap from plants and grass, and as they do this, they inject a toxin into the grass which causes it to become discolored and die. Your grass might become more damaged by chinch bugs if it’s already under stress from heat or drought. If chinch bugs infest your lawn and keep sucking sap from the grass, large areas of your grass can eventually die.

The best way to get rid of chinch bugs is to schedule professional treatments.

If you think there might be chinch bugs on your property, you should schedule professional treatments to get rid of them. Your local lawn care professional should have curative treatments that will eliminate chinch bugs from your property. When you schedule these treatments, professionals will act swiftly to take care of your chinch bug problem!

You can help your lawn recover from chinch bug damage by scheduling lawn care services.

Fertilized lawn done by professionals in Manchaca, TX.

Chinch bugs can cause severe damage to your grass, which not only harms your turf’s health but also hurts your property’s curb appeal. If your grass has sustained any damage from chinch bugs, then you should schedule lawn care services to help your lawn recover. There are a couple of different lawn care services that can really help your turf bounce back:

  • Fertilization: The nutrients in fertilizers promote the growth of strong, healthy, green grass. By supplying your lawn with these nutrients, it will be able to recover from chinch bug damage more easily.
  • Aeration: Aeration loosens up compacted soil to allow resources like water, air, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. This is very beneficial as your grass will need access to these resources in order to recover from chinch bug damage.

The three key nutrients in most fertilizers are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which all promote the growth of stronger, healthier grass.

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