Pruning your plants may seem like a quick and easy task to check off your to-do list, but it's more involved than you think! Because of this, you shouldn't try to prune your own plants. Not all plants in Texas can be pruned at the same time, and you may do it at the wrong time, which can do more harm than good. You could also end up pruning too much, stunting their growth and making them more susceptible to stressors, such as diseases. There are even certain branches that shouldn't be removed. So, it's best to leave this delicate task to the professionals, who will get the job done right so your plants stay healthy and strong.

Not all plants can be pruned at the same time.

Our plant health professional pruning a tree on our client's property in Dripping Springs, TX.

It may seem like a good idea to prune all your plants at the same time, especially since it's more convenient for you. However, doing this can harm your plants more than it benefits them. This is because not all plants can be pruned at the same time during the year, and doing it at the wrong time could cause issues down the road. So, it's best to leave this delicate task to the professionals. They will know when to prune certain plants so that they don’t jeopardize their health, which will ensure they continue to thrive year-round.

You might prune too much of your plants and harm them.

If you decide to try pruning yourself, you risk cutting back too much of your plants. Pruning essentially creates open wounds, and if there are too many, your plants may become overwhelmed and not be able to heal properly. Similarly, over-pruning can stunt their growth and make them susceptible to stressors, such as diseases and insect infestations. It’s best to hire professionals who know the best pruning practices and how much they need to remove without damaging your plants. When professionals handle this delicate task, they will heal properly and remain thriving focal points on your property.

There are certain branches on your plants that you shouldn't prune.

Some branches are vital to the structural integrity of your plants, while others are important to keep them protected from the elements. If you try to prune your own plants, you run the risk of pruning some of these vital branches and hurting them. When this happens, it could unevenly distribute the weight of your plants, causing other branches to break or snap. On the other hand, you could cut off too many internal branches and leave your plants susceptible to sunscald or wind damage. If you want to avoid these issues, then you should hire professionals to prune them instead. Pros are trained and experienced enough to know exactly which branches can be pruned and which ones can’t. They will keep the important ones, then remove others to protect the structure, health, and vitality of your plants.

When done correctly, pruning can improve airflow through your plants and make way for new, healthier growth.

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