Lawn mowing may seem like a relatively simple task to keep your grass well-maintained, but there are a few common mistakes that you want to avoid making. First, you don't want to mow your lawn in the same direction every time because it can cause ruts and compact your soil. It's also important to check your lawn mower's blades before you begin mowing because dull blades could rip or tear your grass. Lastly, if you cut off more than 1/3 of your grass blades, you could end up stressing it out and making it more vulnerable to lawn diseases and insect infestations. Keep reading to learn more about what you should and shouldn't do when mowing your lawn here in Texas.

Mowing your lawn in the same direction every time can cause ruts and compact your soil.

Patterns added to a lawn from mowing in Wells Branch, TX.

At first glance, it may not seem like a big deal, but mowing in the same direction every time can hurt your lawn. This is because it can cause ruts to form in your turf and compact your soil. Compacted soil blocks nutrients and resources like water, air, and sunlight from reaching the roots of your grass. This can affect its ability to grow healthy and strong. Similarly, mowing in the same direction every time can cause your grass to lean in one direction, which affects your property’s appearance. So, you'll want to make sure you rotate mowing patterns every time you mow so that it stays healthy and your grass grows beautiful and upright.

Your lawn here in Texas should be mowed weekly or bi-weekly throughout the year.

Mowing your lawn with dull blades can cause damage to your grass.

Mower blade being sharpened in Manchaca, TX.

Before you begin mowing your lawn, it’s important to make sure you check the mower's blades to see how sharp they are. Dull blades can rip and tear your grass instead of evenly cutting it, causing more damage. When your grass is damaged like this, it’ll spend all of its energy trying to recover, plus it won't look aesthetically appealing. Using sharp blades when mowing will cleanly cut the grass and keep it in healthy shape. Not only that but your lawn's appearance will look better and more manicured.

Not following the 1/3 rule when mowing your lawn can stress out the grass and make it more vulnerable to stressors.

It may seem like cutting your grass as short as possible is the best practice so you don’t have to do it as often, but that can cause more damage! Have you ever heard of the 1/3 rule? If not, it means that you should never cut more than a third of the grass blades during a single mow. When you cut too much off your grass at once, it can stress it out and make it more vulnerable to lawn diseases and insect infestations. Because of this, it's best to follow the 1/3 rule and only cut that much off your grass every time you mow to promote healthy growth and keep it strong against stressors.

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