Liquid aeration is a lawn care service that loosens up the compacted soil on your property to create passageways for resources like water, sunlight, air, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. You should perform aeration at least once if not twice a year during the growing season here in Texas, which is typically from March to October. If you skip aeration, your soil may stay compacted which will prevent resources from reaching the roots of your grass. When your grass doesn't get these nutrients, it may struggle to grow and become susceptible to things like diseases and insect infestations. It's best to aerate your turf every year to ensure that you have a healthy, strong, and beautiful lawn.

What is liquid aeration and what are the benefits of doing it every year?

Liquid aeration being applied to lawn in The Hills, TX.

All plants need resources like water, air, and sunlight, and compacted soil can block those things from getting to your grass, which impacts its health and ability to grow. Your soil can get compacted due to several things such as the weight of lawn mowers, summer foot traffic, and more. Liquid aeration is the best way to solve this problem. Essentially, liquid aeration is a service that loosens up compacted soil on your property and makes it easier for the roots of your grass to get nutrients and resources. Professionals will spray a liquid formula across your lawn which will soak into the soil and break down compacted granules. That way, your grass will benefit from getting the nutrients it needs and grow strong which will help to give you a healthy and beautiful lawn.

When should liquid aeration be performed?

Aeration can be done several times during the year to ensure your grass is healthy and getting what it needs to thrive. Ideally, aeration should be done any time during the growing season, which is typically between March and October. You should perform aeration at least once a year, but preferably, it should be done twice a year. It’s best to do it twice a year to ensure that the roots of your grass are always able to access the nutrients and resources that they need.

Top dressing helps level uneven turf and supplies nutrients to the lawn, and is a great service to pair with aeration.

What happens if you skip aeration?

Unhealthy lawn growth with disease in Belterra, TX.

If you skip aeration, it can have detrimental effects on your grass. Your soil may become or stay compacted, which means that nutrients and other essential resources will have a difficult time reaching the roots of your grass. If the roots of your grass aren’t receiving the nutrients and resources they need to thrive, the grass can struggle to grow and it can become susceptible to diseases and insect infestations. You’ll then have more problems on your hands than you started with, which can be costly and time-consuming to rectify. It’s best to make sure you stay on top of aerating your lawn so that your grass gets everything it needs to stay healthy and strong.

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