The summers here in Texas can get very hot, and the high temperatures can take a toll on the plants in your landscape beds. That’s why it’s important to protect your plants from the sun with a fresh layer of mulch. Mulch will act as a barrier between the sun and your soil, which provides your landscape beds with numerous benefits. A fresh layer of mulch will help regulate the temperature of your soil, prevent weed growth, and will help your soil retain moisture. Keep reading to learn why you should install or replenish your mulch this summer in Texas!

1. Mulch helps regulate the soil temperature in your landscape beds.

Dark mulch behind a yellow flower on a property in Bee Cave, TX.

One of the major benefits of installing or replenishing your mulch is that it can help regulate the soil temperature in your landscape beds. It does this by acting as a protective barrier against the sun, blocking its rays from bombarding your soil. This is especially beneficial to your landscape plants because drastic shifts in temperatures can actually harm them. Additionally, when your soil is too hot, some plant seeds may take longer to germinate, or in the worst-case scenario, they may never germinate at all. Hot soil will also affect your plants’ water and nutrient uptake. Therefore, to keep your soil at an ideal temperature, it's important to install or replenish the mulch in your landscape beds this summer.

A new layer of mulch will also give your landscape beds a refreshing, updated look!

2. Mulch will help prevent weed growth in your landscape beds.

In Texas, there are a lot of weeds that end up growing during the summer thanks to the warmer temperature that helps them germinate. Mulch can protect your landscape beds from weeds in two different ways. First, it can help prevent the spread of new weeds in your landscape beds because it blocks weed seeds from making contact with your soil. Since these weed seeds won’t be able to reach your soil, they won’t have a chance to germinate. As far as existing weeds in your soil are concerned, the mulch will smother them and block any sunlight from reaching them, which will cause them to wither and die.

Mulch is perfect for combating some of the more common weeds in Texas like dandelions and crabgrass!

3. A fresh layer of mulch will help retain moisture in your soil.

Freshly installed mulch around yellow flowers on a property in Lakeway, TX.

One thing that your plants will need to survive the blistering summer heat in Texas is water. Your soil will dry out if it’s exposed to the sun all day, meaning the water could be gone before your plants have a chance to absorb it. Adding a fresh layer of mulch, however, will ensure your plants will get the water they need to survive because mulch helps retain moisture in your soil. And because moisture is being retained in your soil for much longer, it means that you won’t have to water your landscape beds as often, which can end up saving you money on your water bill!

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It's time to prepare your landscape beds for the summer heat with a fresh layer of mulch. At Century Lawn and Landscape, our team of experts installs mulch by hand to ensure that your landscape beds are covered with the proper amount. This method ensures the mulch is thick enough to offer protection, while not being too thick to the point where it’s suffocating your plants. We service residential properties in the Austin, TX area, including surrounding areas like Bee Cave and Dripping Springs. Give us a call today at (512) 786-1694 to schedule our mulch installation service and keep your landscape beds safe from the summer heat!