The summers here in Texas are no joke. The heat can be particularly brutal to your turf, and with the summer season wrapping up, your lawn will need an extra pick-me-up! That’s where lawn fertilization treatments come in! Fertilizer is jam-packed with nutrients that can help your grass recover after the rough summer season. Additionally, fertilizing your lawn at the end of summer can help prepare your grass for the winter ahead, which is another stressful period for your grass. And even though it may seem far away, fertilizing your lawn at the end of summer will also positively affect your grass as it emerges out of dormancy next spring, ensuring your turf is ready to start growing again as the weather begins warming up.

1. Fertilizing your lawn at the end of summer will help it recover from the heat.

Lawn care professional fertilizing lawn in Austin, TX.

It's no secret that the summer is a stressful season for your grass. Even if you have warm-season grass, the heat can still put a lot of stress on your lawn. Your grass uses all its nutrients and energy to get through this difficult period and will need extra help recovering from the intense heat. Therefore, fertilizing your lawn at the end of the summer is critical. A boost in nutrients at just the right time is what your turf will need so that it can successfully recover and start growing again.

Pair your fertilizer treatments with effective weed control treatments to keep weeds from stealing essential nutrients from your lawn!

2. Prepare your lawn for the winter ahead by fertilizing it at the end of summer.

Summer sun glare over fertilized lawn in Round Rock, TX.

Now, summer isn’t the only season that can be challenging for your lawn in Texas. Winter is also particularly tough on grass. During this time, your grass will fall into dormancy, and if it doesn’t have a sufficient supply of nutrients, it can make it much harder for your grass to survive. By fertilizing your lawn at the end of summer, you can help prepare your grass for the challenging winter season ahead. Nutrients like potassium can help your lawn by raising its tolerance to extreme temperatures, making it more resistant to the cold. Additionally, your grass will use the boost in nutrients to create a healthier root system, so it can store more nutrients and have an easier time making it through winter dormancy.

3. Fertilizing your lawn at the end of summer will help it bounce back next spring.

Lush grass after fertilization serviced in Buda, TX.

Once spring arrives in Texas, your grass will need nutrients as it emerges from winter dormancy. Fertilizing your lawn at the end of summer can prepare it to green up and start growing again when spring comes around. Without the proper nutrients, your grass will have a hard time recovering, and you may have to provide more care next spring to nurse your lawn back to health. However, if you fertilize your turf at the end of summer, it will have more nutrients to feed from in the winter, making it much easier for your grass to recover next spring.

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With summer coming to an end, now is the time to help your lawn with a fertilization treatment. At Century Lawn and Landscape, we developed a 12-step fertilization program to supply your grass with nutrients when it needs it most. Our program includes a treatment at the end of summer to give your grass the boost in nutrients it needs to recover from the summer and build up strength for the winter ahead. We service residential properties in the Austin, TX area, including nearby areas like Bee Cave and Dripping Springs. Call us today at (512) 786-1694 to sign up for our lawn fertilization program!