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Planting Bed Maintenance by Century Lawn and Landscape

Plant beds around Austin, TX, require proper care to thrive and add eye-catching curb appeal to your property. Century Lawn and Landscape pays close attention to detail to keep ground and raised planting beds well-maintained. Our services minimize harmful weeds and promote the healthy growth of beautiful plants. Keeping your flowers, plants, and shrubs neatly trimmed and removing invasive weeds, Century Lawn and Landscape creates an environment where all of your plants and flowers can thrive.

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Professional Planting Bed Maintenance Program

It is essential to create ideal growing conditions for your flowers, plants, and shrubs to form a healthy plant or flower bed. These steps include removing weeds while ensuring each plant has enough room to grow within your flower garden. Century Lawn and Landscape offers an ongoing planting bed maintenance program led by a specially-trained crew who will take the proper steps for a vibrant planting bed on a continual basis.

Plant Care – Our team will provide proper care based on best practice standards on all shrubs and perennial plants in your garden bed. Care includes trimming, shaping, and cleaning up of any limbs or overgrowth.

Weed Removal – There is nothing weeds love to do more than grow. And as a homeowner, they always seem to grow where we don’t want them to. Our planting bed maintenance program includes manual removal of weeds over 4” in flower beds.

Weed Control – For weeds under 4″ that are just starting to grow in your garden bed, our team uses chemical control to kill these weeds so they don’t get the opportunity to spread in your plant bed. There are also types of weeds that need to be controlled by chemical spray because the more you pull at these types of weeds, the quicker they spread and multiply. Our dedicated specialists know which weeds to spray and which weeds to pull for proper treatment.

Ground Coverage – After all of the trimming and weeding work, we ensure the flower bed’s ground is completely smoothed and left clean.

Why Choose Us for Flower Bed Maintenance?

Century Lawn and Landscape is a locally-operated full-service lawn and landscape maintenance company that has been proudly serving homeowners in Austin, TX, since 2013. The landscape and natural environment surrounding a home is an integral part of the property that can add value and aesthetically pleasing scenery when appropriately maintained. Our family set out to provide professional planting bed maintenance to go along with our other landscape services to offer the complete lawn care that our customers need and have grown to trust. It is essential to have a qualified and dedicated team for planting bed maintenance because we know the difference between weeds and your plants. You can rely on us to keep your flower beds clean, healthy, and looking beautiful so you don’t have to worry about how they look or spend time in the dirt trying to clean them up. In addition to flower bed maintenance, we offer lawn weed prevention services too!

Get in Touch for a Free Planting Bed Maintenance Estimate

While flower and plant beds add beauty and color to your outdoor landscape and highlight your home, they can also become overgrown with weeds and crowding faster than you realize. Contact Century Lawn and Landscape in Austin, TX, today for a free planting bed maintenance program estimate and learn how we can offer you a no-hassle solution to keep your flower beds looking beautiful.