Your lawn in Texas will need some love and attention year-round to keep it looking beautiful. One of the best ways to do that is to keep up with a consistent lawn mowing schedule. When mowing your lawn, you may be wondering if you should just mulch the clippings or bag them up and throw them away. Well, the answer is that you should mulch them! Mulching your grass clippings has several benefits that boost the health and vitality of your lawn. Some of these benefits include supplying nutrients to your soil, hydrating your grass, reducing overall waste, and more!

You should mulch your grass clippings because they will decompose and add nutrients to your soil.

Grass clippings in a lawn in Austin, TX.

Your grass needs nutrients to grow strong and healthy, and leaving grass clippings on your lawn can help it get what it needs. Grass clippings are full of nutrients, like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, that promote the strength, growth, and resiliency of your lawn. When you mulch your grass clippings, they will eventually decompose and add these nutrients back into the soil. This extra little boost of nutrients will help your grass be better prepared to fight off diseases and insect infestations, develop strong root systems, and have a greener appearance.

Mulching your grass helps control thatch buildup.

Thatch is the layer of living and dead roots and stems that separate the soil’s surface from the blades of grass. It can sometimes cause problems on lawns because it blocks nutrients and resources from getting to the soil if there is too much buildup. A common concern is that mulching your grass clippings will make thatch buildup worse, but there’s no need to worry about that! Grass clippings decompose very quickly, so mulching your grass does not add to any buildup or keep the soil from getting what it needs. Even longer, thicker blades of grass that tend to take a little longer to decompose will not pose a problem.

Grass clippings hydrate your lawn since they're mostly made of water.

Water is an important resource for any plant. Grass uses it to grow healthier and ward off drought. Grass clippings are mostly made of water, so when you mulch them, they will actually be hydrating your lawn. Roughly 80% of grass is already made of water, so as the grass clippings on your lawn decompose, it'll be kind of like you're watering your grass.

Mulching your grass clippings reduces overall waste.

Grass clippings in a lawn in Jollyville, TX.

Using grass clippings as mulch is beneficial to both your lawn and the environment! When you bag up all your grass clippings to throw out, they end up just going to landfills, which are already very damaging to the environment. Leaving your lawn clippings on the grass is an environmentally friendly way to get rid of them. They will eventually break down into the soil, so leaving them on your lawn is a great way to help reduce your carbon footprint.

If you're looking to hire a professional company to mow your lawn, make sure they will mulch the clippings!

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