Mowing your lawn in Texas is a crucial maintenance task, as it keeps it manicured and at an ideal height to promote healthy growth. However, if you're worried about leaving tire marks on your grass while mowing, there are a few ways to avoid that. For example, you'll want to check your lawn mower's tires to ensure they're at the proper pressure, as over or underinflated tires can leave marks. Another way to prevent this is by only cutting it when it's dry because the soil isn't as firm when it's wet. Finally, you'll want to change mowing directions each time since following the same pattern can create tracks on your lawn.

Check your lawn mower's tire pressure to ensure it's just right to avoid leaving marks on your grass.

Close up on a push mower's tire in action on our client's property in Pflugerville, TX.

No one wants tire marks on their grass, especially since it can drag down its curb appeal! Because of this, you'll want to check your lawn mower's tire pressure before cutting it to ensure it's just right. Overinflated tires are rigid and hard, causing them to sink into your turf while mowing because they are too heavy. On the other hand, underinflated tires can become flat and wide, making them spread out and cover a larger surface area; as a result, this can push down the grass and cause tracks. When you check them and maintain proper tire pressure, you can avoid leaving unsightly marks on your lawn!

You can avoid leaving tire marks on your grass by only mowing when it's dry.

Another way to prevent tire marks from forming on your lawn is by only mowing when it's dry. If you cut your grass shortly after it has rained or watered by your irrigation system, the soil isn't firm enough to withstand the mower's weight. So, when you go to do it, it can sink and cause tracks. Meanwhile, dry soil can better hold its weight because it's more firm, saving your turf from tire marks.

Change mowing directions each time to avoid leaving tire marks on your lawn.

While mowing your lawn is essential for its health and appearance, it's just as important to follow ideal practices to avoid leaving tire marks, namely changing directions each time. If you follow only one pattern every time you cut the grass, you can cause tracks to form from the weight of the lawn mower going over the same spot. Not only that, but doing this can also cause it to lean in one direction rather than straight, which can hinder its curb appeal, and compact the soil, inhibiting its ability to absorb much-needed resources. So, you'll want to rotate mowing patterns every time to avoid causing these issues and ensure it stays healthy and beautiful.

An ideal mowing schedule depends on how fast your lawn grows; if it's well-watered and fertilized, weekly is best, while slow-growing turfs can be bi-weekly.

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