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Turf Management

We offer many options when it comes to turf management. Contact our office today to discuss a management plan for your property.

fertilizing the lawn


We use granular and liquid fertilizer.

Granular fertilizer is used for slow release that can feed the turf for up to 8 weeks. Sidewalks and driveways will be blown off after application.

Liquid fertilizer can provide the nutrients to the turf immediately.

Benefits for Fertilizing your turf:

  • A well fertilized lawn will be healthier and greener
  • Will help prevent weeds and diseases
  • Better drought tolerance
  • Better aesthetics
  • Organic options available upon request

Weed Control

Sustainable practices are used to control weed populations in turf. A weed-free lawn will help produce a thick, healthy turf that is aesthetically pleasing.

Our Weed Control Program includes two pre-emergent applications and monthly spot treatments for existing weeds. This program is scheduled January through December. Weeds are a year-round problem and it is best to stay on top of them every month.

Any infestation will be controlled and repeat treatments will be applied as necessary.


Aerification is the mechanical process of creating open space in the soil profile to promote healthy turf. Completing this process at least once per year will greatly improve turf health. For best results, combine the Aerification Service with our Top Dressing Service.

Benefits for Aerifying your turf:

  • Relieves soil compaction
  • Increases oxygen ratio for roots
  • Increases water infiltration
  • Increases root growth and density

*Century is not responsible for items that are broken from Aerification, including irrigation, lighting and invisible fences. These systems will need to be marked clearly with flags and/or paint prior to the visit. Century does offer an irrigation system marking service.

Top Dressing

We use a nutrient rich compost and evenly apply it on the turf. The compost is generally applied at ¼” depth. This process can be applied anytime during the growing season. For best results, combine the Top Dressing Service with our Aerification Service.

Benefits for Top Dressing your turf:

  • Will help level uneven turf
  • Provides organic fertilizer to soil
  • Helps build a healthy microbial population
  • Retains more moisture for our hot summers which will reduce irrigation requirements

Communication and Instructions

We are diligent about communication while your property is under our turf management programs. We use email notifications prior to, and after visits. The notifications also include any instructions needed after applications.

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