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What is Turf Management?

Turf management is a combination of services to help maintain and improve the soil and turf health on your property.  These services include recurring lawn mowing service, weed control and fertilization and aerifying and top dressing.  Century Lawn and Landscape has years of experience managing turf and using our expertise to revitalize and maintain them.  The services Century offers can maintain the current turf, improve the existing turf and enhance your property.  We are efficient and respectful of your property. More importantly, we’re committed to doing an outstanding job. Learn more about turf management below.

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Fertilization for Vibrant, Green Landscapes

fertilizing the lawn

Over time, the soil under your lawn loses many of the nutrients the grass requires to survive. Fertilization is the best way to achieve the lush, green lawn you desire because it re-introduces those valuable nutrients to the soil. At Century Lawn and Landscape, we use one of two techniques on our customers’ yards: granular and liquid fertilizer. Each possesses unique advantages.  We also offer organic fertilizer options upon request.  In general, the benefits of fertilizing your turf include:

  • Healthier and Greener Grass
  • Weed and Disease Prevention
  • Drought Tolerance
  • Better Aesthetics

We Can Keep Unsightly Weeds Under Control

Weeds are a year-round problem. Residential and commercial property owners should stay on top of the problem by being proactive. Century Lawn and Landscape can help!  Rather than the meticulous practice of hand-pulling the weed, we use sustainable practices to control the weed population in your lawn.  We offer a weed control program that utilizes two pre-emergent applications and monthly spot treatments to eliminate weeds systematically.  We schedule our program from January to December.  Maintaining a recurring turf management program for your property is key to staying in control of the weeds.

Aerification Promotes Increased Healthy Space in the Turf

Aerification is a mechanical process designed to create open space in the soil profile, helping to promote healthier turf. When considering turf aeration, an appointment-a-year will go a long way towards creating a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing lawn.  We offer a top dressing service, which in combination with aerification, will further improve the health of your turf.  Aeration provides numerous advantages, including:

Soil Compaction Relief: Compacted soil is harmful to your turf, as well as your foundation. Aerification is an excellent way to improve the soil and promote healthier turf.

Increased Oxygen Ratios: A 60/40 water to air ratio is perfect for plant growth in soil. Aeration helps normalize the oxygen ratio to promote turf growth.

Enhanced Water Filtration: Aeration will also help with water filtration, allowing the water to move through the soil profile versus running off the surface.

Boosted Root Growth and Density: The better you aerate your lawn, the more the roots will grow. Aerification also increases root density.

*Century is not responsible for items that are broken from Aerification, including irrigation, lighting, and invisible fences. These systems will need to be marked clearly with flags and/or paint prior to the visit. Century does offer an irrigation system marking service.

Why Top Dressing is an Essential Service

We use a nutrient-rich compost and evenly apply it throughout the turf.  The compost is applied at 1/8″ depth for optimum soil enhancement.  Top dressing helps promote fast regrowth and recovery of less-than-optimal turf. We can perform this process anytime during the growing season. For the best results, we recommend combining our top dressing service with aerification. We recommend using top dressing due to its unique advantages, which include:

  • It Will Help Level Uneven Turf
  • Top Dressing Delivers Organic Fertilizer to the Soil
  • The Technique Builds the Microbial Population
  • It Retains More Moisture During the Summer

Contact Our Team to Get Started Today

Century Lawn and Landscape has years of experience, which serves us well when we use our expertise to make our clients’ lawns weed free, green and healthy. We want to help you achieve the beautiful yard you deserve, so contact us today to get started with your turf management program.

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