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Century Lawn and Landscape Provides The Best Weed Control

The key to a healthy and great looking lawn in Austin, TX, is proper fertilization and weed control. Century Lawn and Landscape specialize in various lawn maintenance areas with dedicated teams for each service, including weed control and lawn fertilization. Our annual treatment program ensures your turf will receive adequate nutrients to thrive throughout the year while minimizing weeds from taking over your lush turf. When you want to be sure your lawn is treated correctly and the right steps are taken to rid your grass of pesky weeds, you can trust the weed control and fertilization professionals at Century Lawn and Landscape.

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What’s the Best Way to Get Rid of Weeds in Austin? 

You may read a lot about different ways to control weeds and how to get rid of weeds in your yard altogether, but professionals will agree the best way to keep weeds under control and out of your lawn is by being proactive. We implement an aggressive strategy at Century Lawn and Landscape when it comes to keeping residential lawns free of weeds. Our annual treatment program includes monthly visits to your property to monitor your lawn and apply the necessary weed controllers and fertilizers to prevent the growth and limit the spread of weeds. Weeds thrive off of two things — heat and drought. Unfortunately, those are two things we have an abundance of in the Austin area. But even with this one-two punch of weather that allows weeds to creep in at the blink of an eye, weeds are no match for our weed control program. We have a serious approach to weed prevention and lawn fertilization with a dedicated team trained to identify weeds, eliminate their growth, and feed your lawn with healthy nutrients.

Century Lawn and Landscape Weed Control Maintenance Program

Our weed control and lawn fertilization maintenance program starts with a free estimate. We will share with you the exact steps we will take to control the weeds in your lawn while providing nutritional fertilization to promote healthy growth. These steps include:

Monthly Treatments – Our weed control specialists will visit your property monthly to make the appropriate weed control and fertilizer applications based on the season.

Fertilization – We use a comprehensive slow-release fertilization product to promote sustained grass-growth while minimizing leaching into the turf.

Weed Control Application – These applications are effective against both broadleaf and grassy weeds.

Benefits of Century Lawn and Landscape’s Weed Control Program

Being a local company means Century Lawn and Landscape has the knowledge and experience necessary to effectively treat lawn weed control and apply proper fertilization for healthy turf. Whether your grass has been victim to dandelions, thistle, nutsedge, or crabgrass, our weed prevention, and maintenance service effectively treats these and all other kinds of broadleaf and grassy weeds. By proactively taking measures to attack weeds before they get out of hand and continue to monitor and treat turf with monthly visits, Century Lawn and Landscape has successfully proven that our weed control and fertilization program results in healthy and happy lawns. And our weed control service isn’t limited to lawns either. You can learn more about our planting bed maintenance program here.

Get a Free Estimate for Our Weed Control Program

We understand the devastation that weeds can cause to grass. Contact Century Lawn and Landscape today for a free estimate and learn how we can eliminate and prevent weeds from overtaking your lawn in Austin, TX.