Regular fertilizer treatments will ensure that your lawn in Austin, TX will get everything it needs at the right time. It can be hard to know exactly when to apply fertilizer. A general rule of thumb is that your lawn should be fertilized once in the late spring, once in the early summer, and once in the late summer. Fertilizing in the late spring will replenish the nutrients that were used up during the wintertime and promote recovery before summer. Fertilizing once in the early summer will give your lawn a boost to help it endure the harsh summer weather. Lastly, fertilizing once in the late summer will replenish your lawn's nutrients that it can store up and use throughout the winter season.

Fertilize your lawn once in the late spring to help it recover from winter.

Luscious grass after fertilizer treatments in Bee Cave, TX.

Warm-season grass loves the hotter temperatures! So, you can probably guess that winter is pretty stressful for your lawn in Austin, TX. To help your grass replenish the nutrients that were used over the winter season, it is best to apply the first fertilizer treatment of the year in the late spring. This will supply your grass with everything it needs to not only replenish what it lost over the winter but also store up for the upcoming summer season. Summer brings rapid growth, which means a lot of energy is used to support that growth! A springtime fertilizer treatment will ensure your grass is as strong as can be come summertime. This is the perfect time to set your lawn on a healthy, nutrient-rich course that will help it thrive all year.

Fertilize your lawn once in the early summer to give it a boost of nutrients.

Even though warm-season grasses thrive in hotter weather, heat stress and lawn diseases are still factors. One summertime fertilizer treatment will help prevent these issues while replenishing the nutrients lost from rapid growth. It is important that this treatment has a lower nitrogen level than usual to ensure that you do not "burn" your grass during these high-heat periods.

Aside from fertilizer, humic acid should be added to your soil at this time to encourage nutrient uptake.

Fertilize your lawn once in the late summer to prep your grass for winter.

Snow melting over fertilized lawn in Austin, TX.

The summer heat will take a toll on your lawn, and your grass will use up a lot of the nutrients you gave it in the early summer to stay strong and healthy. Fertilizing your lawn again in the late summer will replenish those nutrients and also give it a supply to store and use throughout the winter season. It will also strengthen the roots and keep them healthy. Having a nutrient-rich, strong lawn before the wintertime will make it easier to fight off diseases and maintain its health well into the next spring season.

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Supplying your grass with an abundance of nutrients is imperative to fighting off turf disease, reducing the number of weeds that grow, and staying healthy during harsh climate changes. Our team at Century Lawn and Landscape has been fertilizing the lawns in Austin, TX since 2013. We know exactly what your lawn needs to stay healthy throughout the year. We offer a lawn care program that includes both fertilizer and weed control treatments. We adjust our fertilizer products according to what your lawn will need during different times of the year.

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