Your beautiful and healthy lawn can take a turn for the worse once lawn diseases infect your grass. In the Austin, TX area, take-all patch, gray leaf spot, and brown patch are common lawn diseases to be on the lookout for, especially in the spring and fall months, but they can pop up at any time throughout the year. Take-all patch is a lawn disease that can be identified by different color patches or rings on bentgrass. Gray leaf spot is a fungal disease that spreads slowly but grows in size over time. Brown patch is one of the most common lawn diseases in Texas and can be identified by brown spots on your lawn during the warm seasons. These diseases can take a huge toll on your lawn, but knowing what they are and how to control them will help your lawn stay beautiful and healthy.

1. Take-All Patch

Take-All lawn disease in Round Rock, TX.

The take-all patch disease is a known problem in Texas and can cause significant damage to your lawn if not treated correctly. This disease appears as tan, reddish-brown large patches or rings that occur mainly on young bentgrasses. When present, symptoms of take-all patch disease become most visible after the grass has been stressed during dry and hot weather periods. Because this fungus lives in the soil, this disease is most commonly spread when infected soil is moved to other parts of the lawn. If you notice this disease infecting your lawn, you should reach out to a lawn care professional right away so they can apply a curative treatment to stop this lawn disease from spreading.

2. Gray Leaf Spot

Gray leaf spot lawn disease found in lawn in West Lake Hills, TX.

Gray leaf spot disease typically grows on St. Augustine grass and can be identified by small brown spots on your lawn, which oftentimes get overlooked. Over time, they start to expand and turn into gray spots that are surrounded by brown borders on the blades of the grass. Once this disease starts to spread, these portions of the grass will most likely die if not treated properly. Stress plays a huge factor in the occurrence of gray leaf spot disease. To put a stop to this disease, you should schedule curative treatments as soon as you notice it infecting your lawn.

To help manage gray leaf spot, bag all clippings after mowing to help prevent spreading this disease to other parts of your lawn.

3. Brown Patch

Brown patch lawn disease discovered in lawn in Cedar Park, TX.

Brown patch disease thrives in hot, humid conditions and typically appears as rough circular patches of brown grass on your lawn. Most of the time the inside layer of the grass will recover, leaving a ring of dead brown grass around it. Once this disease becomes present, your grass will start to become weak and potentially die if not treated quickly enough. Common causes that can produce this disease include:

  • Overwatering
  • Poor drainage
  • Compacted soil
  • Watering too late in the day

Fungicides are one of the most effective ways to help control brown patch disease. To ensure you are treating and controlling this disease correctly, sign up for a professional lawn disease control service that can offer curative solutions.

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Once any initial signs of these lawn diseases are noticed, be sure to act fast before they spread throughout your lawn. Keep your lawn healthy and safe from these common diseases by signing up for our lawn disease control service. At Century Lawn and Landscape, we offer a curative solution to help fight these common lawn diseases and offer our lawn disease control service to residential properties in Austin, Bee Cave, Dripping Springs, TX, and surrounding areas. Call us at (512) 786-1694 to schedule our lawn disease control service today.